How to Purchase Flea and Tick Medicine


Getting over the counter medication on the internet is a simple task. Most people use this method as they find that they save the time that they would have spent going to the store. The other reason that people shop online is that they can be able to compare different medications and choose the one that they feel is ideal for their pets. This being the case, you need to note that when it comes to the flea and tick medications, you will find that things are a little different. Here is what you need to do when you are purchasing the flea and tick medicine for your pet.

The one thing that you have to do is to get a written prescription from the veterinarian. It is paramount that you have the vet look at the condition of your pet so that they can direct you on the proper medication that you should use. Note that when you go by it yourself, the chances are that you might get the wrong medication which might end up causing harm to your pet.

It is cheaper to get the pet medication online. However, it is best if you check the cost of the prescription medication. Ask the vet the much that you are likely to pay for the drug. You will find that sometimes, the vet can offer you a bargain rate as the one that you will get online. If this is the case, you are better off buying the product from the vet. To gain more knowledge on where to find the best flea and tick treatment, visit

If you are going to purchase the medicine online at, you need to compare the various prescriptions that are from the online market. You will find that the prices can vary significantly. Thus, this is the reason that you should shop around. You will also find that there are numerous sites that give discounts and also offer some exciting shipping cost. You need to look at the shipping cost since it could have a significant impact on the overall price.

Once you select the website at that you will use to purchase the medication, the other important thing that you should do is to follow the procedure that they have. This is important when you are placing an order. Once you have filled the medical requirement for your pet, you need to fax in the prescription given by your vet.

When you get the order that you had sent it, you need to cross check the details to make sure that the product you have is what you had ordered. In case you have any doubt over the dosage or the type of medication, then you should consult your vet.

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