How to Purchase Flea and Tick Medicine


Getting over the counter medication on the internet is a simple task. Most people use this method as they find that they save the time that they would have spent going to the store. The other reason that people shop online is that they can be able to compare different medications and choose the one that they feel is ideal for their pets. This being the case, you need to note that when it comes to the flea and tick medications, you will find that things are a little different. Here is what you need to do when you are purchasing the flea and tick medicine for your pet.

The one thing that you have to do is to get a written prescription from the veterinarian. It is paramount that you have the vet look at the condition of your pet so that they can direct you on the proper medication that you should use. Note that when you go by it yourself, the chances are that you might get the wrong medication which might end up causing harm to your pet.

It is cheaper to get the pet medication online. However, it is best if you check the cost of the prescription medication. Ask the vet the much that you are likely to pay for the drug. You will find that sometimes, the vet can offer you a bargain rate as the one that you will get online. If this is the case, you are better off buying the product from the vet. To gain more knowledge on where to find the best flea and tick treatment, visit

If you are going to purchase the medicine online at, you need to compare the various prescriptions that are from the online market. You will find that the prices can vary significantly. Thus, this is the reason that you should shop around. You will also find that there are numerous sites that give discounts and also offer some exciting shipping cost. You need to look at the shipping cost since it could have a significant impact on the overall price.

Once you select the website at that you will use to purchase the medication, the other important thing that you should do is to follow the procedure that they have. This is important when you are placing an order. Once you have filled the medical requirement for your pet, you need to fax in the prescription given by your vet.

When you get the order that you had sent it, you need to cross check the details to make sure that the product you have is what you had ordered. In case you have any doubt over the dosage or the type of medication, then you should consult your vet.

Natural Ways of Dealing With Fleas on Dogs


If your dog has fleas, then you know how much of a rough time they are having with all the scratching and biting on the skin that they could be doing. Fleas and ticks can be very troublesome. Luckily, there are ways of helping your dog get clean and free from the menace that is these tiny pests. Here are some of the techniques you can use to help you rid your dog of this flea problem.

Using a Flea Comb

This is by far one of the simplest and most efficient techniques for dealing with fleas. This method at helps to keep your pet groomed, healthy, and most important of all happy. It is necessary to buy a good quality product, which will assist in removing the fleas, right down from the eggs, the larvae, all the way to the grown up fleas. Although most the eggs and larvae do not live on the pet, you do not want to leave anything to chance just in case they do. It is necessary to ensure that your dog’s fur is not tangled before you use a flea comb that has fine teeth.

Improve Your Dog Shampoo

Of course, it is possible to find a dog shampoo that is purposely designated to kill fleas. However, it is also important for you to know that you can take your regular dog shampoo and enhance it into something that can be used to destroy the fleas. By adding just half a cup of freshly squeezed lemon juice to another half cup of dog shampoo and mixing it up, you can come up with a mixture, which once poured into a bottle can be used to bathe your dog regularly. This technique is useful and will help your dog get rid of those fleas quickly.

Use Apple Cider Vinegar

This might sound new to you. However, it is also another technique that you can put your money on. With one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar added to a liter of water, you can have your dog free of fleas in a short time. Have the dog take small portions of this water throughout the entire day. The method works by making the coat of your dog a little acidic, which then works to repel the fleas. For further details regarding the benefits of flea and tick prevention, check out

You can employ many other natural techniques. However, you can also go the direct method and buy your pet some pills for the issue. This method is fast and efficient too. Read frontline plus for cats reviews here!

Flea And Tick Medicine


A tick is a small parasite that lives and feeds on the blood of other larger animals such as mammals, birds, reptiles, and amphibians. PetAction Ticks derived all their nutrients all their nutrients from their hosts. They live externally hence the name ectoparasites. They usually cause a nutrient deprivation of their hosts and also come with discomfort to their hosts.  A flea similarly to the ticks is also an ectoparasite that lives on the fur and feathers of their hosts and at the same time feeding on their blood. Unlike ticks, they lack wings and possess strong claws making they’re dislodging from their hosts a hard task.

There are various ways of treating and controlling of these ectoparasites. One way to prevent a dog or a cat from picking up a tick or a flea is by ensuring their proper grooming. During this PetAction grooming process, it is possible to notice the presence of any flea or ticks that may have established itself on a dog or a cat. There are special brushes for both long and short fur breeds of dogs. A flea or a tick might be felt like a bump on the body of an infected animal. This will save the animal from irritation and a possible disease that may arise as a result of the presence of these parasites.

Once a tick or a flea has been identified, it should be removed immediately with the necessary means available. For example, one should use a tick remover carefully as instructed by the manufacturer. This is important to remove the entire tick completely from its host. In some cases, the heads of these parasites might remain attached to their host, therefore, causing a possible infection to its host in the future. Samples of the hosts should also be kept to help identify an infection to the host in future in need may arise. You can also learn more tips on where to find the best flea and tick treatment medicines by checking out the post at

Once a single identity of a flea or a tick has been spotted, it is always advisable to use shampoos specifically for the treatment of these parasites. After bathing the host with a medicated shampoo, there are background checks that need to be done on that host. It should be dried carefully using a towel and again brushed with a comb taking note of any bump that might be still present on that particular host.

Above are just a few examples of measures of controlling ticks and fleas on pets and house animals. It is very important to get rid of these parasites because they cause irritation and discomfort to their hosts. Sicknesses are also a possibility since they may also bring infection with them.